Ceiling Fan Round Up and My Indecision

Written by Decor

I’ve been thinking a lot more these days on updates we can make to the living room. If you follow along on Instagram, you saw I bought a new shelf for our “lonely corner,” and might also be aware of the whirring sound I complain about often that one of the ceiling fans makes when I post stories. It’s days are numbered…

Here’s what we’ve been working with. I found these ceiling fans online at Home Depot while starting to shop around. They are only $49!!! I didn’t even know ceiling fans came that cheap. To be honest… they don’t look horrible, and the one fan is perfectly fine. But the one closest to the fireplace constantly makes a repetitive noise that drives me nuts. We’ve tried to fiddle with it to get it to stop, but discovered it’s something with the motor…….. eye……… won’t stop……………….. twitching……………….

I’ve also never been a fan (pun definitely intended) of the hanging pull cords. So for the new ones, we’re looking for something without those dangly distractors. Our ceiling is low enough as it is. As I started looking around for fans, I filtered my searches for flush mount fans so they don’t hang down very far. We are also looking for something with a light included since this is our only main light source for the room. We are considering can lights in here too, but not sure just yet. Our living room is also so long, we are keeping the two fan set up, and searched for fans designed for medium to large spaces. We like how it moves the air around the whole room. With that search criteria in mind, here are a few of the ceiling fans that drew my eye.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

I went for an eclectic mix of modern, transitional and industrial designs here. And none of those three bulb light fans either – you know what I mean! Next, of course, comes my lazy photoshop skills mocking up the room for a better idea. Scale was not something I focused on here…

I originally thought I wanted black fans, because I always love me some high contrast design. But this just wasn’t jiving for me. I think because there are other black features in the two rooms here that I would prefer the eye to go to instead.

I tried out these medium tone fans next thinking it would be a good match to the leather chairs and other wood tones going on in the space. They were ok, but I kind of had the same reaction as the black ones. And then….

I tried on these simple, sleek and sexy white fans for size, and it just feels so right! I’m digging the airiness it gives the whole space. If we go with the white fans for the living room, they will recede into the background more and make the ceiling feel taller. Bonus: if we go for something less visually obtrusive here, I can have a little more fun with an entry way light and not have it competing with ceiling fans.

You see that entry way light!? Yeah, it’s days are numbered too. The only thing holding me back right now, is the fact the white ceiling fans I really like (#2) are $399 per fan… I’m just not sure I want to spend $800. But maybe I do… I don’t know……. So I mocked up the other white fans I liked to see what I thought of them too.

Both could work just as well… but do I like them as much? Is $800 too much!? The bottom one would literally be half the price, and then buy me a really nice entry way light as well. Is it worth it to get fans I don’t like quite as much? Why does anything that looks “designer” cost so much more >:( There are also differences between lighting, air distribution and other features to take into account here that affect the function. Bah!!! Decisions… decisions… Weigh in and let me know your thoughts on the matter since obviously I suck.

pssst: I really just want you to give me permission…

Last modified: February 14, 2018