Be Our Guest! Be Our Guest! We Put Our Guest Bed to the Test

Written by Decor

While our bedroom was torn apart for the trim painting extravaganza, we decided to sleep in our guest bedroom. It was mostly just out of convenience, but we ended up learning a lot in the process. As with any guest bedroom, you want your guests to feel right at home and cozy in their nook for the duration of their stay. Well, it was time we gave it a test drive!

Our guest room has been through many evolutions already and is gonna come together really slowly. Most recently, my parents became full time RVers and gave us their king bed, mattress and nightstands so they don’t have to get anything new if they buy another house. While it’s on loan to us, we’re using it! I had made this mood board as a plan to start working towards, and purchased all new bedding in the last couple months.

I’m happy to report, the bedding was perfect! I like to be toasty at night, so I pulled up every layer: the sheet, knit coverlet and down comforter. While Jordan opted for just the sheet and coverlet leaving the comforter at his feet. We were also pretty happy with the pillow options I had available in there. Each side has a flat pillow and a fluffy pillow. Jordan always sleeps with one, so he made his choice and threw the other one off for the night, while I used both and was able to get them in just the right position like Goldilocks.

The nightstands were in arms reach on both sides, and so were the switches for the bed side lights. And that sombrero decor… three more wins total! The thing we struggled with, was having our phones charging while being in arms reach of the bed. There is an outlet on the side wall, but it’s far enough away that I wouldn’t be able to touch my phone without getting out of bed. And the outlet behind the bed, is too out of reach to be useful. I ended up getting an extension cord so I could have my phone charging and on the bed to use my sleep tracking app (cause I’m a nerd). Jordan just left his phone unplugged overnight and switched to charging it in the car on his way to work. So we will be adding some power strips to remedy that situation soon.

Something else we learned: my parents’ mattress is WAY nicer than ours! So we switched our mattress with the guest bed! HA! My parents can have it back when they need it again. But in the meantime, we stole it for ourselves. My sleep app was showing I was getting a lot better sleep on it and my back hurt less. When we finally moved back to our own mattress, it took Jordan two days to agree with me. So we made the swap, and we’re loving life! Our mattress is still very good and we doubt guests will have too much of an issue with it. We enjoyed it for seven months until this little experiment. But if we see a good sale on a mattress topper, we may snag that just for a little extra softness for our guests.

Other than that, I couldn’t really think of anything else that is needed in the guest room. So we’ll just continue to cozy it up based on the mood board, add some decor here and there, a mirror and maybe a spot to sit a bag or two up off the floor.

It was fun being ‘guests’ in our own home, and I think important that we experienced it that way so we can make our guests feel more comfortable and at ease when they stay with us in the future. Who knows… I may design some “suggestion cards” to leave in there and a “loyal rewards member” card for one person… you know who you are 😉

And just because… here’s the Disney Beauty and the Beast song for ya to enjoy!

Have you ever done a little experiment like this to see how others view your home? What have you added to your guest room that people love? Or what have you enjoyed in a guest room you’ve stayed in?

Last modified: September 9, 2017