All Decked Out

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This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year! I love all the feelings of togetherness, hope and love it brings with it. I love finding just the right gifts for every person on my list, being sneaky and/or dropping hints to family and creating a fun experience for everyone. I’m also into planning get togethers and food menus, choosing what cookies to bake and so on and so on. And decorating for Christmas just plain old makes me happy. It may seem stressful, but it’s my jam! Now that we own our own home, I’ve finally given myself the OK to start accumulating holiday decor. I didn’t want to have boxes upon boxes like my Mom used to have since we were always renting, moving around and didn’t have storage space anyway. But now when I go to Target (or anywhere that sells Christmas stuff…. but mostly Target), I’m like “GIVE ME ALL THE STUFF!” It’s such a freeing feeling!!!

First things first: our Christmas tree hunt. Since we have lived together, we have always gotten a real tree. Go to the farm and cut it yourself kind of real tree. We went to the same farm as last year, Prettyboy Run Farm in northern Baltimore County. Tealy went with us again and got to sprint around the trees while we picked out “the one.” A smaller and slender tree fit the bill for us! I also like ’em short so I don’t have to get a ladder to put lights and ornaments on. I always say I’m gonna end up with a Charlie Brown tree one year. The big fluffy ones just seem too perfect to me.

When we got it home, we found this little lady bug in the tree! That’s good luck, right?!

Our front porch is lacking, to me. I really wanted to get two 3 foot potted trees to put in our planters flanking the door. But the ones we were able to find cost more than our big tree! So over the summer, I’m gonna find some evergreens and plant them. Then put lights on them next year. The front door has our new wreath with bells that we absolutely love, and that’s where we are leaving it for this year at this point.

As you walk into the house, the main Christmasy action is right in the living room. Also – check out the new and improved living room post kitchen reno! The walls are now gray instead of beige, all the trim is white, the fire place is black, and don’t you just love our new pom pom curtains?! I’m all heart eyes over here with how much it changed the room.


The tree made it’s home next to the fireplace, which is all decked out and probably my favorite thing right now.

I seriously have an issue with Christmas trees. There are little trees throughout the whole house, I could make it a scavenger hunt!

Tealy had to get her annual tree photo done. Finn would NOT sit still. Gonna have to try again with him, and maybe even with Tealy… even she is slightly blurry.

This year, we made paw print ornaments with both the dogs. The kits we bought were so easy and fun! I totally recommend this to anyone that wants a fun and meaningful craft project to do together with your family. The clay was really soft and not messy at all. When we got the paw impressions just right, we stuck them in the oven for 30 minutes to dry out. They turned out to feel very light weight and almost like a hard rubber rather than something rigid. To finish them off, I got some velvet ribbon to make them fancier, instead of using the paw print ribbon that came with the kit. Just a little touch to elevate the style a bit.

The little thermos ornament below was from the year we got engaged. Our engagement photos included a thermos, mugs and hot cocoa. So that little ornament felt perfect for that year 😀

I finally have my dream fire place with the stockings and garland. The two buffalo check stockings are for us humans, and the little ones are the dogs’ stockings – to be filled with treats. I bought the wood beads last year and strung them together. Now this year you can find them everywhere… I added additional small Christmas trees on the mantle to add height and interest. I love how each tree is a little different. I left my wood slice sculpture because it felt like another ode to a Christmas Tree. We had to cut one branch off the bottom of our tree, so I used some of the greens off that branch and strung them above the mirror so it didn’t feel left out.

Green Garland | Bead Garland (similar) | Stocking Holders | Buffalo Check Stockings (similar) | Mini White Stockings (similar) | White Ceramic Houses (similar) | Mirror | Candle Holder | Wood Slice Sculpture | Bottle Brush Tree

You already saw the kitchen decor if you read our big kitchen reveal post earlier this week. I kept it very simple in here with a live wreath on the exhaust hood and little bottle brush tree in the glass cabinets.

I also put a live wreath on the end of the guest bed. Just a slight touch for anyone that comes to stay.

Our bedroom got it’s own little tree! My parents gave me this 3 foot artificial tree last year. I grabbed a small box of ornaments for $6 at Target, used a tea towel as a tree skirt and voila! Christmas cheer!

Now I’m just laying in wait for Christmas decor sales…. muhahahahahahahaha!

Last modified: December 8, 2017