Adding a Touch of Halloween

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This is now our third Halloween in this house, and for some reason I always do this to myself. Our first year, we didn’t have any decorations for the holiday and invested in a couple pieces. Then last year we were smack in the middle of our kitchen renovation so we didn’t really do much. This year, we are working on the pink bathroom around some mini trips and weddings.

We may be busy on our weekends, but having our electrician friend out last Sunday was a major blessing in more ways than one! Having someone else make progress on our project, freed me up for the day to do other stuff so I wasn’t getting in his way. First on my agenda: I found ugly pumpkins for a reasonable price at a market down the street from us, and I drove down and snagged the best ones!

Then I got up in the attic to bring down our two bins of Halloween decor and my bins of sweaters (even though it was 85 degrees and humid). I promptly added little touches of Halloween around the living room, kitchen and front porch. I had a little more to work with this year because I raided the post-Halloween sales at Target last year (go me!) I had fun fiddling with everything to get it just so.

One of my favorites you can’t see until you turn on the lamp! I simple used scotch tape and a pack of plastic spiders for this.

My other favorite spot is in the dining room. I’ve always had my little dachshund planter here, and just swapped him for the skeleton version. It’s stupid how happy this makes me!

After our friend had finished up and went home, I ended my evening sorting through my winter sweaters and rearranging my dresser to accommodate them. And just like that, we are officially ready for Fall!

Now I have a little treat for all those that got this far down! It’s not much, but I made a phone wallpaper with our ugly pumpkins! Just right click on the image and save it to your computer. Enjoy!

Last modified: October 12, 2018