Adding a Shelf in a Kitchen Cabinet

Written by DIY

One of our cabinets in the kitchen just wasn’t working for us. So we did something about it! The seller was keeping their Swiffer and broom in this tall cabinet, but that’s not where we wanted to store our broom, mop, vacuum and what not. The way we have our other cabinets set up, leaves the one in the corner next to the dishwasher as our ‘whatever doesn’t fit anywhere else’ cabinet. This is where some cookie cutters, small hand held appliances, large pot roaster that I barely use, and for some reason our dishwasher soap pods. Meaning we would have to load the dishwasher, then close it to get a soap pod out, then re-open the dishwasher to put in the soap and start it up. I know… first world problems.

Yeah, I could have also put the soap somewhere else for now but it messed with my organizing of cleaning products being in the awkward tall cabinet. If I put the soap in there, I would have no room for anything else. And nothing can fit under our sink with the way the pipes, trash and recycling cans sit. Sigh… so many things I want to do differently in here. So we decided to add our own shelf to add a little more vertical storage and use this cabinet more efficiently.

In the one corner of this cabinet there is a bumped out box sitting over the outlet for the refrigerator. So we chose to sit the shelf on there to minimize the amount of pins we had to drill in. We were able to get a set of four plastic shelf pins at Lowes similar to the ones that come with IKEA shelves for about $1.

Next, Jordan got his yoga on to measure, level and drill holes for the pins. It was a bit of a tight squeeze… he only cursed about 20 times in 5 minutes while I’m standing behind him snapping photos and giggling.

After he got the pins in place, he went outside and cut down a board we bought for this.

And BOOM! A shelf. I don’t care about finishing it to look nicer since we plan on re-doing the kitchen in the near-ish future. If you are adding a shelf to a cabinet you want it to look a bit nicer, get a higher grade wood to start from. Then sand down the rough spots and paint to match whatever piece of furniture you are adding the shelf to.

Now…. ahhhhhhhh….. Organization! Just adding that one additional shelf freed up enough space that we can see everything and don’t have items piled on top of each other. The top most shelf is just our most used bottled cleaners. The next shelf now houses our less used cleaners, extra soap bottles, dust/cleaning rags and other scrubbing things.

Our new little shelf is home to our dishwasher soap pods, other scrubbers and bottle cleaners. Since we added this shelf with a little hight, I was able to put a small Command hook up to hang the bottle cleaners. Now we won’t just flop them into wherever they will fit and then fall all over the place any time we need to grab something else.

This is certainly not the most beautiful update in the world, but we took something we had and made it work better for us. And all for under $10. Now we both have a small smirk on our faces every time we run the dishwasher and can leave it open while we get a soap pod out of the cabinet. It’s the small things in life…

Have you made any small updates that made a big difference? Or do you have a storage and organization hack you would like to share with us? I would love to learn about your ideas. This stuff is like crack for me!

Last modified: September 6, 2017