A Moody Bedroom Makeover

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When we were in the school house, our bedroom was a hodgepodge of hand-me-down furniture, mismatched pieces we each had in the classic “let’s move in together” merge, and random Ikea pieces we realized we needed for more storage as we went. It never felt put together to me. I moved things around many times to try and make it feel better, to no avail. We never splurged for new furniture, a rug, curtains or anything really because we knew this would only be temporary. Five years later…

Jordan and I agreed, even before we started looking at houses, that we would make our bedroom our sanctuary wherever we ended up next. We would buy our house, and get new furniture to make the room our peaceful place at night. It would also be OUR set of furniture, and not ‘his dresser’ or ‘her bed.’

As soon as our offer was accepted on the brick rancher, I started Pinning like a mad woman! I quickly realized I was gravitating toward dark rooms with natural wood touches. So our mood board was born, and Wayfair wish lists were made. Here were a few of my inspiration rooms from Chris Loves Julia, Sabrina Smelko and a West Elm catalog image.

We decided to get a king bed since the room could handle it and we always dreamed of more sleeping space to share with the dog. So we nailed down our bed frame choice and went to Ikea to pick out our mattress. We got both items scheduled to deliver on the same day. My main girl, Lindsey, came over that day while Jordan was at work to help out with any more moving in things I had to do and see the new house. She ended up helping me put the bed frame together which wasn’t hard at all except for one hole not being lined up for the screw. But that was nothing the Dremel couldn’t fix!

As soon as we got that together, the mattress was delivered. Perfect timing!!!

​Paint was tricky to pick here. I wanted a darker gray, but how dark was too dark on a small swatch vs large walls? And a lot of the grays I picked up at first ended up being too warm or green in the actual room. So I found something with a touch more blue by Valspar named, “Ocean Storm,” and painted ALL the walls, even with everyone telling me “you should only paint one wall or it will make the room too dark.” Nope. I went for it! Have some adventure people!

We LOVE the dark walls! LOVE THEM! As you can see, the room does NOT feel like a cave thanks to the abundant natural light. By balancing out the dark walls with light bedding, a white rug and soft plants, we created a bright retreat for ourselves.

The rug we snagged off Wayfair. I had this picked out before we moved in, but had to wait for it to come back in stock. It was well worth the wait. It’s super plush and really helps brighten the room. It is however, the most expensive dog bed I’ve ever purchased. Tealy’s new favorite place to be in the whole world is under this bed.

We still have both our old dressers lurking around and plan on finding some new ones eventually. I’m liking the look and feel of this set, but we’re not going to buy them right away before seeing what else we can find. And yes… that bathroom update is our minds. Future plans my friends, future.

Being brand new to the king size bed world, we had to get some bed linens. We found sheets at Target we liked and the duvet cover at Ikea. We plan on getting a comforter when the weather turns a little more chilly. We already had that fluffy throw pillow from Marshalls to add just another layer of texture. I do have my eye on some new throw pillows though… #pillowproblem #alwaysonthehunt

The nightstands we already had and we plan on keeping them. We may update the drawer pulls when we pick out new dressers so everything feels congruent. I’m slowly filling the room with lush plants, family photos and finding artwork for the walls. I picked up that illustration on my nightstand from my friend and super talented artist, April Alayne. Just need to get a frame for it and figure out where to put it. I’m thinking of making a large art ledge above our bed to switch out artwork as we find new favorite things. We shall see what actually happens as the room evolves. I originally wanted one of our vintage kids bikes from our wedding mini bike race (I guess I will have to do a post about that…) to hang over our bed. But Jordan says it’s too dangerous due to the weight. Sigh.

Now let’s talk about these lamps for a second! This is Jordan’s favorite thing in the room. I was looking online for lamps to replace our old clip ons that didn’t fit on the new bed frame. To be funny, I sent him the link for these lama lamps… turns out… he loves them! And you know what? I do too! It took me a couple hours to warm up to it from what I was originally envisioning, but why the hell not have LAMA LAMPS!? It adds just enough quirkiness to the room that really speaks to who we are. Something I always read on Young House Love and really stuck with me was something like this: life’s too short to not fill your home with things you love. And… I think Sherry would be proud of my inclusion of white ceramic animals… and the fact they are “lama lamps,” instead of “lava lamps.” … get it… do you get it…?

This room is still certainly a work in progress, but it really is our favorite room in the house so far. Mission accomplished! Moving forward, we have plans to get bamboo shades instead of the standard blinds, add curtains, paint all the trim white, curate some artwork and add some interest to the doors and sliding closet doors.

How about a little “lights on” action?

And just a reminder of what it looked like when we moved in.

In the meantime, we are just soaking in the fact that we have a room and furniture we all love. And isn’t that really the whole goal?

Note: I did not stage Tealy in any of these photos! She seriously loves the rug… it’s weird.


Valspar Eggshell in “Ocean Storm”King upholstered platform bed frameKing MYRBACKA latex mattress

Harbor Breeze ceiling fanHEMNES nightstands in white stain

King sheets and pillow cases

King BJÖRNLOKA duvet cover and shams

nuLOOM hand tuffed area rug

Wall mirror from Home Goods (similar mirror)

Lama accent lamps

Wire and blown glass lamp, old from Target. No longer available. (similar lamp)

Last modified: September 7, 2017