A Little NYC Getaway

Written by Life

I don’t know how it happened, but April has been nuts for me! We just randomly got busy one week with personal things and my work got busy the next week taking up some evenings to finish up a project on time. Just when I got that project out the window, I was on a bus to NYC for the weekend with barely any time to think of packing, then got sick for a whole week after that! What is life… As much as being sick was just awful, the rest of it hasn’t been that bad.

Such as this weekend trip to NYC! I bought a bus ticket to head up and visit my old pal, Lindsey, for a girls weekend. We never plan anything out before hand other than the fact I’m sleeping at her place. Otherwise, we just get together and see what happens! Like walking past a random mural giving side eye… Friday night, when I arrived, we went to Zona Rosa for dinner. The Mexican cuisine was sooo good, and the kitchen is in an old Airstream trailer. The sangrias weren’t too shabby either 😉

Saturday was AH-mazing! I think it got up to 80 degrees that day with the sun shining. It could not have been more perfect. We grabbed breakfast at a little place nearby her apartment, then she took me to a place she wanted to show me near her office, called Eataly. It was this tiny looking place from the front. Boy was I wrong!!! It’s a sprawling foodie fest that just seems like it keeps going on and on inside a building. There were several food stalls, each specializing in some decadent treat such as gelato, cannoli, fish, pork, a wine bar, etc. All throughout, were stands with imported foods, a fresh produce section, an open concept restaurant in the center of it all, and I think they even do classes and demonstrations there too. I was in heaven! Overall, I think we spent at least an hour in here. I picked out a few tiny jars of jam and honey to buy and bring home. We also got a plate of three tiny dessert puffs and took them outside to enjoy in the shadow of the Flatiron. And that was just our morning!

We decided to walk off our heavy breakfast and morning dessert on the Highline and people watch the whole time. That’s where I decided I wanted a pair of billowy high waisted pants 😛 It’s the NY fashion trend I don’t think will hit Maryland quite yet, so I’ll be ahead of the curve.

Just at the end of the Highline walk, we poked our heads into a few shops, hit up a samples sale, and I geeked out at the Samsung VR experience at their flagship store. For lunch, we headed into the Chelsea Market, and for the second time that day my head exploded. Too many amazing options! I ended up at a little German stand with a shorter line and got the best curry wurst I’ve had since Germany. We spent a little more time popping into the shops in the Chelsea Market before starting to make our way back to Lindsey’s apartment.

After we regrouped and took a quick cat nap, we headed out for dinner. Lindsey took me to a place called, Ops, that serves some pretty darn good pizza. I highly recommend the square pizza… Bonus, this tiny restaurant is super cute to boot!

With our bellies full, and two rum and cokes later… we headed back to her place and did the mandatory girls weekend thing: face masks! These were our “we can’t move our faces” smiles.

Now… Sunday was a different story. After our beautiful 80 degree day, we got to enjoy a cloudy day in the low 30’s with winds up to 16 mph… boooo! But we didn’t let it slow us down. We ran out for breakfast again near by, then caught the train to go to the Brooklyn Flea. Even though this was outdoors, there were still several vendors out in the archway under the bridge. I even got the thing I realllllly wanted to find while I was there: African Indigo and mud cloth. ACQUIRED! Worth the cold.

Now that I have my prizes, I’m playing around with them at home to see how I want to use them.

After not even 30 minutes at the Brooklyn Flea, we were frozen. We took refuge in a Ramen shop right around the corner for lunch while we searched for some indoor things to do. Lindsey took me to some different area with a new luxury looking building, where we found an actual Target store inside! That was huge news to her since she hadn’t been to a Target since Christmas. We took a good chunk of time for her to wander through and get her fix. Now she doesn’t need to wait so long for her next Target fix! Then, the main reason we ended up there, the Century 21 Department Store. No, not the real estate company. This place was like TJ Maxx on steroids! There were four floors of clothing, home goods, shoes, hand bags, and beauty. I even scored my billowy high waisted pants! Now I just need the warm weather to stick around for more than a single day.

Then it was time to start heading back to the apartment again so I could catch my bus home. I wanted to make a quick trip downstairs of the same building to grab something packaged to take on the bus. I had seen a Trader Joes sign when we passed by and I wanted to investigate. So we headed down and found soooo much more than just the Trader Joes. There was a whole slew of small food stands again and a couple restaurants peppered in. I see how I could actually live in NYC. I would always be in food heaven.

Sadly, as we were walking up to the bus stop it finally started raining. I thought “oh good! At least it waited till the end!” Until I heard the bus operator down the line tell someone else “the bus has been canceled.” Excuse me WHAT!? It started raining harder. I went and found the guy, talked to him and found out that in fact yes, my bus had been canceled. It wasn’t too big of a deal though. I was able to go online and reschedule for a later bus. Now we had three more hours to kill!

So Lindsey and I got out of the rain quickly at a fancy restaurant to have dinner and chill. We decided to sit at the bar since there were outlets to charge our dying phones. The host starred at us the whole time making us feel like we didn’t belong even though there were plenty of people that looked like drowned rats coming in. We ignored him and ordered wine with our nice burgers… plus dessert! The whole time, the rain was coming down in droves outside. But alas, it didn’t really let up that much by the time I had to head back to stand in line for my bus. Lindsey graciously came with me, holding her umbrella over both of us the whole time. At least I was getting on a bus this time! We also made friends in line, because you know, a crappy situation brings people together! As the line started moving up for boarding, a gust of wind came and took out the umbrella. Only a minute later, I was on the damn bus. And Lindsey, now umbrella-less, made her way back to the train and we sent texts back and forth like we didn’t just say good bye to each other.

Obviously, the second half of the trip was freezing since there were no photos hahahaha! But seriously, I had so much fun hanging out with Lindsey again. And even though the very end with the bus sucked, that’s the moment that reminded me how good of a god damn friend she is and why I love her so much. We don’t get together as often as we would like, but that woman would stand in freezing rain for me and somehow keeps a smile on her face. And I would do the same for her. In fact, even with the knowledge that it was probably something in NYC that made me sick for a week… I’ll risk it and still go back to see her again sometime ;P

Last modified: April 22, 2018