A Little Gift for You – Downloadable Print

Written by Decor

Happy Holiday hustle! You have enough going on right now focusing on being the perfect gift giver, decorating your tree or home, spending time at all your holiday parties, and doing all your various little traditions with people you like. So you don’t need to see one more blog post about holiday decor to stress you out, or a gift guide to make you wonder if you spent enough. So here is a little gift to you from me!

I made my little OK print as a high resolution downloadable file for you! Free to download, just add to your cart and you will be sent an email with the file. Then take it where ever you choose to get it printed. I hope you enjoy it!

Head here to download now

Mine is hiding a little secret for me in the bathroom… but it can just be pretty for you – unless you also have a junction box to hide as well!

Last modified: December 10, 2018

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