A Busy Few Weeks

Written by Life

We have been busy the last few weeks. With Jordan traveling for work, me picking up the slack at home, helping my parents move out of their house to become full time RV’ers, selling all their furniture for them, work, catching up on cleaning, life… It’s one of those times I can’t really tell you everything I’ve done cause I can’t remember. When I do find a moment to myself I can be found balled up on the sofa playing a game on my phone, Two Dots thank you very much!

We did make time to go tent camping with some friends of ours one weekend at Elk Neck State Park in Maryland. Much needed time. It was their inaugural camping trip with the tent we got them for their wedding, which turned out to be like one of those tents from Harry Potter that just keep going.

I remember Saturday morning being very cold, waking up toasty in my sleeping bag with Tealy shivering cause she refused to wear her sweater. But we got a beautiful hike in while the weather warmed up quickly, cooked over a fire which never tastes better, talked for hours with our friends and snuck some boxed wine drinks in late by the fire. Now I keep looking at old VW vans thinking how we could convert one for more camping trips… #dreams

We brought home one pooped out pup!

For Halloween we discovered we bought WAY TOO MUCH candy for our neighborhood. It’s still filled with original owners from the 60’s with a peppering of young families. We got maybe 20 kids total, and we were throwing candy at them like it was going out of style! At least my thunder strobe looked awesome. I can’t wait till next year to add more spooky decorations.

The next weekend we were able to carve out an hour for a hike at a local trail. These are some of my favorite moments with Jordan as we just walk and talk about nothing and everything. The leaves were just perfect and the smell of fall was hanging in the air. Then back to reality running errands and tackling random house chores.

Then… the elections. At first, I felt personally hurt. But now that I’ve taken some time for thought, I am left with the idea that many more people are hurting than we realize. Not everyone who voted for Trump are racist, sexist, etc, fill in the blank people. But they voted for someone who is like that because maybe he can provide the change they crave. I ask that everyone please listen to each other, on either side. Hell! Forget the sides! We are Americans. Don’t pigeon hole someone as a “republican” or “democrat” and assume you know everything about them. Let us stop pointing fingers at one another, making trolling comments to one another or writing off others feelings. EVERYONE feels the way they do for a reason. So talk to them and find out why. Let us talk to each other to truly understand, and stand together to work for change. We will disagree on things, and that’s ok. But continue to carry yourself with dignity, show love and compassion to others, and remember WE are the ones who make our world great. Be the positive change you want to see and don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. My two cents anyway…

And now… I need to go pack for our long weekend away in North Carolina. I’m looking forward to eating at all the local places and sharing moments with Jordan in this world that I still love. Some time away from everything and for reflection are needed to recharge. Don’t ever forget how important that is and that you do deserve it from time to time. Then back to the grind and more house projects! Woo!

Last modified: September 7, 2017