2018 Resolutions

Written by Life

Happy 2018! It’s already been an amazing year for me and we’re only two days in. We went hiking New Year’s Day where I found a dollar bill in the parking area! Jordan also dropped the car keys on this hike, but it was only a five minute panic since a friendly mountain biker spotted them and brought them to us. You can always trust a mountain biker! After hot showers back home, we headed over to a friend’s new, old house they have been renovating for a New Year’s Day brunch and was blown away with the house! It is such an old Baltimore beauty and they are doing it juuuuust right to bring it back to it’s original glory while modernizing it. The company and food at the party was also fantastic!

My first day back at the office quickly turned into me being awe-struck and super thankful finding our kitchen renovation featured on Apartment Therapy!!! I received several great questions in the comments and really felt the love and community! If you are here from Apartment Therapy, welcome! I would love to be able to create content that’s not only fun, but informative for you. So hit me up with any questions, any time! And I have hit my quota for exclamation points for this post… It’s just been that exciting of a year so far.

Looking forward into the rest of the year, there are a few goals I would like to set for myself and a reminder. Just a few simple things to work towards that don’t have deadlines:

  1. Be better about organizing my photo files as I take photos
    I keep waiting till it’s a huge task to have to organize my photos. I should stop doing that to myself.
  2. Get over my art hanging paralysis
    I have almost no artwork hung on my walls. I have stuff stashed, but never decide what I want where. Time to get over it!
  3. Change the air filter once a month
    I guess this kind of has a deadline. We are going to use a subscription service to manage this for us!
  4. Be outside more
    I feel like we didn’t enjoy summer this past year because of how much we were doing around the house. I would like to bring more balance to this part of my life. The kayak I got Jordan for Christmas should come in handy here!
  5. Reminder: enjoy small moments
    I’ll admit I got caught up in “planning” mode in 2017. Always focusing on getting something done and getting to the end result. I forgot that the journey is part of everything. So I would like this to be my reminder for the year to take a step back and relax a little. Dance in the kitchen a little bit more. Take it all in!

These will be my goals for now at least. Who knows what the year will end up bringing. I’m not big on resolutions since they always seem to feel so rigid and fleeting, more like a challenge than anything else. Sort of similar to when I challenged myself to not drink soda for a month. I prefer to think of resolutions for myself as loose goal setting. Stuff I can add into my life, go slowly at first and pick up steam later instead of a hard stop. Experiment on how best to make it compatible with my life. It’s also OK if I fall off the wagon, because I can always get right back on. It’s a much healthier way for me to approach it, since I’m very hard on myself if I fail a challenge. But life will throw curve balls for sure! I would rather be able to do something, fail, and learn from my failure, rather than beat myself up about not completing a goal. I suppose, my main goal is always being kind to myself.

So be kind to yourself this year with any of your resolutions, and remember that lasting change takes experimentation and time. And don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

Last modified: January 3, 2018