2017 Plan: In Review

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With Christmas come and gone, I’m in full reflection mode of the past year. 2017 was our first full year in the house! We had our “Plan,” a full list of projects we prioritized and thought we would be able to tackle in the year. Of course life happened in between, and we were pulled in many different directions. So I thought it would be fun to look back and see how we did completing our list and what changed along the way.

1 Finish the Office: 10/10

Yep! I think we nailed this one! We finished this pretty soon into the new year. I have since then added a large monitor above my desk and love it. The original purpose of this room, was for us to have a place to work from home. We are both fortunate enough have the flexibility to do so, but needed a space set up so we could work efficiently. However, Jordan got pretty serious into streaming video game content and is also now hosting a podcast. Needless to say, he quickly outgrew the original intent of this room and it wasn’t working so well for him to be in the center of the house trying to record a podcast. He moved his now massive setup down in the basement where he has tons of room. You can read more about our office projects here, here and see the big reveal here.


2 Interior Doors & Trim Paint: 10/10

Another one we knocked out of the park! I officially JUST finished painting the last little piece of trim in the house, checking off this as totally complete. And I can tell you, I hate painting trim. The doors were not that hard to do either, but whew! The sheer volume of them made them quite a bear. We dragged our feet halfway through making this project last much longer than it should have. We have no one to blame but ourselves I suppose. In the end, it was so worth it and saved us hundreds of dollars! You can read about trim painting here, and our interior door how to here.


3 Guest Bedroom: 7/10

I’m gonna give myself a lower score here. I worked on this room slowly throughout the year. It is soooo close to done! All the trim was painted, the walls were painted, doors updated like the rest, I added all new window coverings, bought new bedding and a memory foam topper to make it extra soft! I even got the lights hung on the walls and added an alarm clock with a USB charger! But I still haven’t done a reveal post about it because shortly after finishing this, we jumped into the kitchen and the room was upended and filled with junk displaced from the renovation. I also never found a frame for the artwork I bought for this space, so I’m still on the hunt for that. Without artwork on the walls, this room still feels very bare to me. And just in case you didn’t think I was crazy already… I think I’m going to repaint this room with a different gray. The one I chose feels too blue and cold. To be continued!


4 Entryway: 0/10

We failed this assignment. Whomp, whomp. We were hoping to tack this on when we did the kitchen so all the busting out of walls would happen at one time. But once we got a few estimates back from contractors, we decided to put this on the back burner and put our savings towards the main goal – the kitchen. I’m still looking forward to knocking the pony walls down eventually, to open up the space. Again, to be continued.


5 Fireplace Phase 1: 10/10

This is one of those moments when reading what I was thinking a year ago is so hilarious! I originally said I wasn’t sure what we wanted to do here, so that was 100% accurate. We were dead set on this being where our TV would go after the kitchen renovation… well… we’re gonna have to talk about that in another post where I can spend a lot more time discussing it. This is NOT where we are putting the TV. In fact… we didn’t bring a TV back upstairs at all! Outside of that major development, we also originally thought we would paint the fireplace white to match the trim, maybe white wash the brick, and put up a vertical accent wall to make the fireplace feel taller. Obviously, none of that happened, and probably never will! I’m liking how the black we chose to paint it instead, gives it presence in the room all by itself. I’m looking forward to styling the mantle for a more every day look and will be posting about this transformation in full after the Christmas decor is down.


6 Add Lighting Out Back: 1/10

We kind of did this… not really. We added a motion sensor to our already existing flood light so the dogs would trigger it when they go to do their business. But we did nothing else. And now that it’s dark super early in the evening, I’m totally regretting that decision. It makes trash and recycling night quite adventurous. Next year… I can’t live like this!


7 Seed Backyard: 10/10

I’ll just simple say: Nailed it! You can read our process and what we learned about fertilizer here.


8 Front Porch & Landscaping: 3.5/10

We didn’t do nothing. But we didn’t get that far either. After deciding we would rather pay someone to remove our over grown bushes for us, we scaled back the scope of our landscaping project. We only got half the front garden beds re-planted this year. Next year, the other half! The porch we didn’t touch at all. We meant to do it when we were dragging our feet on our interior doors, and we didn’t want to start another project before finishing the first. So this simply got pushed back. Maybe we’ll tackle it this spring when we finish up the landscaping. Who knows!? You can read about our landscaping project here.


9 Kitchen: 10/10

I think we nailed this project! What do you think? Ok, ok… we still have one little strip we need to replace under the back door… but that’s it! Everything else we had been thinking of and dreaming of, we made it happen. It’s worth everything! I can’t tell you again how nice it is to have a functional space like this, actually function perfectly for how you use it. And I think it kind of looks nice too… The biggest difference from my original plans – no pull out trash can drawer… damn plumbing. Oh well! That’s small potatoes really in the grand scheme of things. All those links again for you to read are here, here, here, here, and the big reveal here.

Bye Felicia!

I’m pretty impressed with how far our home has come in one year. Looking back certainly helps put things in perspective regardless of what it is. We started out 2017 staring at all builder grade wood trim and flat wood doors throughout the house, and the kitchen had way more walls than it does now. Can you believe it!?

We are planning to have our realtor back out to get her opinion on some things. We are still paying for PMI on the house, but hopeful the improvements we just made will be enough to get that knocked off our mortgage. So once she comes out, and gives us the low down, I’ll be making my 2018 plan! Just so you don’t think I’m slacking. And also… here’s looking at you 2018! Let’s make it an amazing year together.

Last modified: December 22, 2017