New Living Room Ceiling Fans

Written by Decor

Ahhhhhhhh… the living room is feeling sooooooo much better to me now. I talked about how we snagged our new ceiling fans for a great deal here. Well, now they are up! We went from this situation: To dreaming of this with the help of Photoshop: To our new reality right here: I still have …...

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Memorial Day Sale Scores and a Quick Hallway Refresh

Written by Decor, Featured, Life

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you have missed out on my major Memorial weekend shopping spree. I found our ceiling fans that I discussed in my ceiling fan round up on a deep enough sale that I pounced! From that savings high, I kept looking around at online sales and snagged a couple more …...

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Father’s Day 2018 Gift Guide

Written by Holiday

Another month, another gift giving holiday! It’s Dad’s turn! Unfortunately, if your Dad is anything like mine… you are dreading this one and frantically trying to think of something to get your uber-practical father. I mean… I gave the man duct tape, socks and travel tissues for Christmas one...

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Shrimp Boil Foil Packs for Grilling

Written by Recipes

Summer is officially here! Which also means it’s grilling season! Nothing is better than coming home from work, throwing something on the grill and playing ball with Finn while the food is cooking. Not only does it allow me to multitask while enjoying the sunshine, backyard and connect with my pooch… but...

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My Perfect Summer Guide for the Outdoor Adventurer

Written by Dogs, Life, Outdoor

Who else is ready for a long weekend?! I know we are! I’m sooooo ready for summer and all the things that come with it. I don’t know if you know this about me yet, but I actually really like being the outdoorsy type… I’m not necessarily a homebody in summer – especially if it consists...

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Master Bathroom Mood Board

Written by Decor, DIY, Renovation

So yeah… I started thinking about our master bathroom design. It just happened organically. I was laying in bed one night, not able to fall asleep, and started looking through my Pinterest board of bathroom inspiration images. That spun into me looking up vanities. As I was hunting around I discovered that the...

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