Pink Bathroom Renovation: Week 2

Written by DIY, Renovation

Another productive weekend down! Having a full time job is really eating into my house work time haha! I find myself planning supplies and organizing receipts at work as I can, cause I just can’t wait to come home and do the next step to keep this little bathroom moving along. I just can’t wait …...

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Pink Bathroom Renovation: Week 1

Written by Renovation

SURPRISE! Seemingly out of nowhere, we started renovating the pink bathroom! This past weekend we ripped out the sink and vanity, medicine cabinet and shower & bath fixtures. I also put together our new vanity, started removing grout from the shower area, and we’ve had the plumber out a couple times. So...

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Random Thought – What Are You Waiting For?

Written by Life

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a random thought here, and this one actually has nothing to do with home stuff! But I think it’s important enough to pop on and see if I can quickly articulate this thought and hopefully give some of you the swift kick in the behind you need. I want …...

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Curb Appeal Phase 2 – Complete

Written by DIY, Outdoor, Transformation

Cue the music and fireworks! WE DID IT! Our front porch overhaul is now complete! At the beginning of summer we kicked off this whole project and just finally got time/decent enough weather to construct the posts. We kept this project rolling while we could and got these suckers polished off! And I’m fully in...

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Front Porch Posts: Construction

Written by DIY, Outdoor, Renovation

It only took us a quarter of a year, but the front porch posts have been constructed! It was way back in April that we planned and purchased everything. This summer has just been throwing us curve balls the whole season with torrential rain for weeks on end, flooding and then hotter than hell temperatures. …...

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McCollum Master Bedroom Mood Board

Written by Decor, Design Services

As much as I love online shopping and inspiration hunting for my own home, I have to say, I think I enjoy it more for others! Give me a budget and let me spend someone else’s money and make a beautiful room plan… yeah… that’s my jam. My wonderful friends made my day more than …...

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