Holidays Around the House 2018

Written by Decor, Dogs, Holiday, Life

The halls are decked at the Kahlenberg household and we are in full swing holiday mode already! This year I’ve been trying to more intentional and minimal with objects and I think I’ve reigned myself in quite nicely. Although I am an avid little Christmas tree addict, and I’ve been known to like...

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The Gift Giving Machine – How Did We Get Here?

Written by Holiday, Life

Tuck in guys! I’m going on a rant!!! But I included educational info for you 😀 I was totally ready to start posting gift guides this week for items you could buy for homebodies, DIY’ers, and home cooks. But then I started hearing the ads for Thanksgiving – spoiler alert: they never mentioned...

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It’s Been One Year Since We Completed the Kitchen Renovation!

Written by Renovation, Transformation

I can’t believe we’ve lived with our kitchen for a year now. Honestly, it feels like it has been longer because of how seamless it fits our life. It just feels like it’s always been this way! I go back and look at what it used to be and can barely remember it. I also …...

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Pink Bathroom Reveal

Written by Decor, Renovation, Transformation

WE DID IT! Here is my theme music you can listen to while reading. It truly embodies my emotions right now. The pink bathroom is officially done and I’m in love. I painted Friday, and on Saturday Jordan helped finish wiring the lights and hanging the mirror. I did some last minute caulking in the …...

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Random Thoughts: Oyster Festival, Furniture Sales, Clothes I’m Digging and Holiday Cards

Written by Life

So Jordan and I had our last outing for a little while this past weekend. We headed to the Urbanna Oyster Festival in Virginia and ATE. ALL. THE. THINGS. It was something my parents and I would go to every year when I was younger and it just stood out to me as this thing …...

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Patching the Bathroom Wall

Written by DIY, Renovation

Admittedly, not much has been happening in the pink bathroom lately. My pretty vanity has been under a tarp and covered in dust for several weeks now. It kind of stalled out with random stuff going on over the weekends eating away our time. It’s so much fun to be doing all the things we …...

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